5 things about riverfront plans in Sacramento and West Sac

A number of public, highly visible improvements are in the works on both the Sacramento and West Sacramento sides of the Sacramento River. At a community forum Wednesday at West Sacramento’s riverfront corporation yard, representatives from both cities shared plans. Here are some new details.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 1.21.27 PM.png
Guests attend a community forum Wednesday in West Sacramento.

1. Replacement of the aging I Street Bridge with a new bridge for cars, bikes and pedestrians is two years from starting construction, with completion expected by 2021. The new bridge will link C Street in West Sacramento to Railyards Boulevard in Sacramento, with the existing I Street Bridge still to be used for rail traffic and the current vehicle bridge possibly refashioned into a public amenity.

2. A project report for a bridge linking Broadway in Sacramento to the Pioneer Bluff area in West Sacramento is about two years away, but funding is needed to make further progress in design and construction. A handout from the cities indicates a 2030 construction start is possible.

3. Later this year, West Sacramento will begin crafting a preliminary plan for relocating barriers to development in Pioneer Bluff and the Stone Lock neighborhood to the south. Those two areas, which total about 325 acres along the riverfront, would need rail and other existing infrastructure relocated to allow development, perhaps in 10 to 15 years.

4. Both cities also envision a new bridge strictly for pedestrians and bicycles linking R Street in Sacramento to Garden Street in West Sacramento’s Bridge District. No timing or fully realized plan exists yet for that project.

5. Sacramento planners continue to see the Docks area and areas surrounding nearby Miller Park as having potential for new development. Miller Park in particular is considered an underused and somewhat hidden asset, but an existing petroleum tank farm near the park will need to be relocated for any plan there to take off.

Article and image provided by: Sacramento Business Journal

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