St. Anton plans midtown parking lot redevelopment, but when?

At some point, St. Anton Communities plans to develop the former site of a Carrows restaurant in midtown Sacramento.

But in the meantime, the Sacramento-based multifamily-housing developer hopes to get the project re-authorized as a parking lot. It is facing pushback from city planners.

The lot at 2812 J St.

Carrows at 2812 J St. was torn down a decade ago, and in 2014, the city granted the owner a conditional-use permit to use the .59-acre lot for parking, with conditions such as better lighting, trimmed landscaping and video surveillance.

That permit expired in October 2016, however, and the lot was closed.

Now, St. Anton has an application with the city for another permit to re-open it, but is balking at some of the new conditions. They include requirements to plant trees and put in more lighting.

“Adding trees and additional lighting to the site would substantially increase the improvement costs and render the project infeasible as the property owner plans to redevelop the site in the near future,” states a document filed with the city, requesting a waiver from a parking lot shading requirement.

Robert Williams, an associate city planner overseeing the application, said the developer isn’t sharing details of the redevelopment it plans.

“Nothing’s been presented,” he said, adding that the city’s heard secondhand reports about a possible retail or mixed-use project on the site. “There is concern about approving any more standalone parking lots.”

A St. Anton employee listed as the project applicant did not return calls for comment on the application.

Williams said the application would require the approval of the city’s zoning administrator, including a public hearing. If appealed, the matter would go to the city’s planning commission.

Article and image provided by: Sacramento Business Journal

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