Housing project of nearly 500 lots planned in Antelope

An undeveloped area between two existing residential neighborhoods in Antelope has received Sacramento County planning commission approval for almost 500 single-family residential lots.

Barrett Ranch East, on 128.2 acres, will also include two multifamily project lots and about 108,000 square feet of commercial development in two areas.


The single-family homes would be built in eight villages, the majority of them low-density. Lot sizes would range from 55 feet by 110 feet for the largest village of 133 units, to 40 feet by 90 feet for a 53-unit village.

The project would be north of Antelope Road and east and west of Don Julio Boulevard. Ten years ago, the county zoned the land for special planning, possibly with a mixed-use town center concept and more multifamily units. Developers have subsequently submitted rezoning concepts and project applications twice, and the site changed hands three years ago.

According to the planning commission staff report, Barrett Winn LLC, with a Sacramento address, is the current applicant. The address corresponds to a law office; no one returned a message left at that office Thursday.

Sacramento County’s planning commission recommended approval of the project on a unanimous vote this week. The county board of supervisors will have the final say on the project. Barrett Winn LLC is requesting a general plan amendment to change the special planning area designation. It is also asking to change some commercial and medium-density residential acreage to low-density residential area.

Article and image provided by: Sacramento Business Journal

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