The 10 costliest New Year’s Eve destinations in California

South Lake Tahoe is the most expensive destination in California to spend New Year’s Eve this year, according to a recent survey conducted by Los

The travel website said it compared 20 popular destinations in the Golden State based on their cost of lodging on Dec. 31. The rate for the cheapest available double room (minimum: 3-star hotel) served as the basis of comparison.


South Lake Tahoe is by far the priciest destination, with an overnight price of $345 for its most affordable room.

Despite the high price, the Sierra Nevada locale is the only destination in California that is just about sold out for New Year’s Eve, according to Diane Muller from Procrastinators, however, can still find a bit more affordable rooms if they are willing to stay at least three nights.

Napa ranks as the runner-up on the survey and is almost $100 more affordable than South Lake Tahoe. Los Angeles rounds out the Top 3 at a nightly rate of $239 for its least expensive room.

One of the more affordable California destinations is San Jose, at a price tag of $115. Least expensive overall are Bakersfield and Eureka, where a New Year’s Eve stay can be found well below $100.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in California for New Year’s Eve 2016. The rates shown alongside each city reflect the price for the cheapest available double room on Dec. 31, 2016 for a centrally located hotel rated at least 3 stars.

  1. South Lake Tahoe $345
  2. Napa $246
  3. Los Angeles $239
  4. Santa Barbara $234
  5. Santa Monica $221
  6. San Francisco $211
  7. Long Beach $209
  8. Sacramento $199
  9. Laguna Beach $198
  10. Carlsbad $184

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