12 preparation tips before a holiday party

1. Style – The holidays are a time to celebrate. There are many different ways to entertain during the holidays so embrace a gathering that suits your life style, time schedule and of course budget. If your style is “formal” break out the china, crystal and fancy accessories. If casual suits you best, perhaps simple appetizers, cheerful floral arrangements and candles can set the mood.


2. Preparation – The holidays are all about spending time with family & friends and nothing beats festive drinks, great food and a great atmosphere! Remember that your home does not have to look like a magazine spread. Decorating at Christmas is about family tradition and personal memories.


3. Make a list and Check it Twice! – Plan all your Christmas tasks and actives ahead of time. Make lists so you have a clear picture of what you have what you need to create the look you want.

4. Food Preparation – Bake those special treats in advance. Choose recipes you can make in advance and that freeze well. Invite your friends to take part in a cookie exchange; not only will you save time but you will have a fabulous assortment of goodies.


5. Do it Yourself – Guests love and appreciate anything handmade so consider making a simple gift like an ornament guests can take home with them.


6. The Bar – Will the bar be open? If so, consider offering a “Cocktail Menu” with a few different concoctions to choose from and print out the recipes as party favours.

7. Setting the Table – Decide if the meal will be sit down, formal or informal. This will determine how you should set the table. Make sure you have the correct stemware, china and cutlery for the menu.


8. A gift to yourself – Don’t stress, hire a caterer. (That’s what I do) Hey, I can make things beautiful; I didn’t say I could cook! :)

9. Lighting – Assess your lighting and if necessary add a few lamps and candles.

10. The Tree – Not only is the Christmas Tree a lovely decoration but it can be quite functional.  Hang small party favours on the tree and use Christmas ornaments to customize the seating for guests.


11. Create a festive mood – Soft music will set the tone and get guests in the mood for fun. Keep the volume low so guests do not feel they need to speak the noise in the background

12. Making merry memories –Celebrate the sprint of the holidays. Embrace family and friends and most important, enjoy the moment!


Have fun planning for this holiday season!

Article and images provided by: jenniferbrouwerdesign.com

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