It Takes Only 20 Seconds to get Approved

What is the main goal of a real estate agent? I wish I had a short answer but even if we search the answer on google we will get paragraphs and paragraphs explaining of what is the main goal. So in very short summary it is: to represent a seller or a buyer and to get a best deal for the both parties. Yes of course there’s tons more that goes with it of being a real estate agent, yet I am not a real estate agent but what I do only takes 20 seconds for a potential buyer to chose one agent over another.

Stan Fadyukhin – Owner/Photographer – Shutter Avenue Photography

Hi my name is Stan and I am the owner of Shutter Avenue Photography. I have been photographing for close to ten years, creating wonderful pictures which would impress my clients. But are my clients real estate agents or they are the buyers who are looking for a new home? All agents which I have worked with in the past and currently working with such as Silke Kirkwood I treat them not as a client but as a relationship or even better as a business partnership. So in reality my client is the seller who would like to get the most from their home, which also means that the buyer is also my target client whom will make a final decision to buy or not to. This is why I try to work with real estate agent side by side promoting the home which the realtor is trying to sell. Here’s a fun statistic: 57% of agents don’t realize that they are in marketing/sales business. So when a potential buyer is looking through any website at any home he/she will make a decision to continue the pursuit of the home in the first 20 seconds of viewing a listing. In that 20 seconds an agent gets a green light or a red light by the buyer. Then we come to a conclusion that a great marketing and sales plan is needed to reach that potential buyer.

My goal is to capture any home to its full potential, with the best representation of the listing so that the 20 seconds grows to a profit for all parties. Yes having a good camera, proper lenses, and all other gadgets does matter when photographing a home. I do not disagree with that, yet not only do I have all of the equipment but I have something extra up my sleeve. I have studies architecture for over seven years plus I have real life experience of working in architectural firms as well. With that knowledge of architecture and photography experience, every listing which is given to me to be photographed is at the highest quality of photography for every agent. There is much more to photography than just having all the gadget. I might not be able to know what every agent thinks or what his/hers expectations is when selling a home. But what I do know is photography and how it can make a huge impact for the sale of any low to high price listing. In summary,  buyers (and sellers) expect to be impressed by the realtors. This is what I do best with photography – because it takes only 20 seconds to get approved.silke-blog-post-1Last but not least; I feel honored to be working with Silke, and would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to write guest blog post.

Article and images provided by: Stan Fadyukhin – Shutter Avenue Photography 916.399.3225 –


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