Sacramento Veterans’ Day Parade

City of Sacramento 6th Annual Veterans Day Parade

Presented by: City of Sacramento at Capitol Mall Greens


The purpose of Sacramento’s Veterans Day Parade is to positively focus on honoring our country’s veterans and active military personnel. Through the parade, the City of Sacramento focuses recognition on congressionally-recognized Veteran Service Organizations and their auxiliaries, the military and reserve military, National Guard and ROTC. The goals and purpose of the City of Sacramento’s Veterans Day Parade are to give honor to our country’s military personnel, veterans and to their military missions of defending freedom around the world.

The Parade takes place along one of Sacramento’s most scenic locations, Capitol Mall. This will be the City of Sacramento’s 6th Annual Veterans Day Parade and the theme this year is “Honoring All Who Served – Always Remember Their Sacrifice.” The Veterans Day Parade is not only comprised of veterans but includes military organizations, high school marching bands, vintage military vehicles, car clubs, trade unions and community organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts.

The Veterans Day Parade has hosted hundreds of participants and draws thousands of spectators from throughout the Sacramento region.


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